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We extend our expertise beyond windows to offer you top-quality Metal Buildings that redefine durability and versatility. Our metal buildings are designed to meet a spectrum of needs, whether you’re looking for a robust storage solution, a versatile workspace, or a secure shelter for your assets. At Window Pro, we prioritize quality in every aspect of our metal building offerings, ensuring they stand the test of time while providing unmatched strength and resilience.

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Metal Buildings

Commercial Metal Buildings

Explore our featured collection of entry and patio doors, each designed to elevate the aesthetics of your home. From doors with convenient built-in mini blinds to the timeless elegance of French doors and the modern allure of privacy glass doors, our diverse range caters to various preferences.


    • Perfect for outdoor storage of tools, equipment, or gardening supplies.
    • Compact and durable, providing a secure space for various items.


      • General-purpose metal buildings for storing a wide range of items.
      • Commonly used for residential or commercial storage needs.
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